What is this?

We are a generation made mobile.  Between the technology, education, and great distances we travel there is a plethora of details that are often unclear.  A young professional in their first job, a new move to a new city, and living the adult life with real decisions… who was suppose to teach this?

My interest in exploring new places and cities grew from the awareness that my college education, though extensive and deep, left

Photo by Dan Miller

little for actual implementation of what I learned.  All the way down to not knowing how to pay rent.  Like many employment positions looking for a self-starter, I did just that.  Moved to places like West Philadelphia, the mountains of North Carolina, and recently into Iowa’s big sky country.  Each new beginning starts with what I do best.  Learn, budget, research, and inform.

Why First Shift? Ever worked a shift job?  1st shift, 2nd shift, 3rd shift. My first employment was a 1st shift industrial parts labor, a 2nd shift waitress position, and a 3rd shift bar back.  Needless to say, I slept little, ate less, and gained a lot respect for those who do these jobs everyday.  First Shift is just the beginning.

This is a forum and collection of information for the new comer, young professional, and those dreamers always seeking to dig their hands into their next passionate project.

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