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Fish to Face. NOM NOM!

27 Feb

I stood in the dressing room mirror at New York and Company and wiggled around.  This motion is called “giggly puff”.  And the sad true fact was, after doing to initial research into my diet, I was eating 60 % carbs and 25% fats with so little exercise.  Umm, any pie chart reading idiot could see this was already way out of hand.

So, I’m rocking a high protein, low carb diet. (Lets be real, I’ve always been a dough girl, don’t take my bread!) I start craving some chicken with tasty flavors and  I stressed over the recently closed Roost. Says closed for the holidays, what a lie.

Deep into my chicken craving I remember Le Bercail on Balitmore.  Roost did fried chicken, which is not diet appropriate.  However, Le Bercial, offers grilled chicken, fish, and fresh vegetables.  The sauces section may be all you need.  But I ordered the half chicken and plantains.  What I had forgotten about was how well spiced the chicken was.  And from there, I forgot all about Roost and fell head over heels with Le Bercail.

Such good food, so close to Clark Park and open late!


Philadelphia: The City of Neighborly Love

9 Sep

We can’t all be brothers, its rude to even assume that in Philly everyone can share that brotherly love.  I suspect that’s why tourists are shocked by the aggression on the Schuylkill or the load honks followed by a passing middle finger.

Whats not obvious to the passing eye are the tightly knit neighborhoods that make up Philadelphia.  Even the most desolate and empty streets hold together an underlying bond.  Maybe its because we’ve all had something stolen or we know what its like when something important is returned.

Yesterday, my friend Greg relayed this story:

I bought this saxophone from the music teacher i was taking lessons from.  I was bout 13 years old and I loved it.  A few years later I had my saxophone and trumpet stowed in my car outside my house in Factoryville Pa and they were stolen.  It can happy anywhere people, anywhere!

A couple of weeks later my Dad strolled into a pawn shop and saw my saxophone just laying there.  He knew it was mine because it was very distinctive and he brought her back to me.  The trumpet never came home.

Well, last week Maggie (his girlfriend) and I were coming home and moving tons of stuff out of our car to a new apartment on Sunday.  On the following Thursday I remember I’d left my saxophone on the side of the street.  Stunned in all disbelief that I had left her outside and totally unable to move, Maggie began calling Pawn shops all over Philadelphia.

I took a moment to go to the kitchen where I found Rania (roommate).  I told Rania I was upset because I had left my saxophone outside.  And then she told me she had run into a neighbor  named Dave that had asked if someone wanted a trumpet that he’d found on the street.  She pointed me in his direction and I was off!

I saw someone on the porch of the house and asked if he knew Dave.  In turn he called up loudly to the third floor. “DAAAVVEE!” Dave stuck his head out the window and gave me a look that he knew why I’d come.  He came down holding the “trumpet”  and  I thanked him.  I asked if I could give him some money and he said sure.  I asked if $50 was enough and he said sure.  He told me he’d like to hear me play sometime and I offered to play it right then, but he declined shyly.

Before I left, he told me that someone up there (point to the sky) and told him to hang onto it.  He knew how important musical instruments can be.  That’s how I got my saxophone back.  So lets celebrate Dave!

Farm Frenzy, Raise the Roof!

23 Jun

West Philly has gardens, garden communities, and mini-farms popping up all over!  Farm 51, the guerilla space “Plotland” and cute little lot garden on Kingessing behind the recreation center.  What you don’t know, is that the West Side is about to RAISE THE ROOF!  (And I mean literally plant and raise a farm on the roof!)

Rania Campbell-Cobb, landscaper and farm coordinator for Guild House West Community Garden, and Clare Hyre, education coordinator for Saul W.B. Agricultural School, teamed up to bring you Cloud 9.  (You can read more details on their website)  Whats really cool is the idea of building your own farm on top of your apartment complex, or what local corner markets could provide in their own store… “top-o-the-market tomatoes!”

West Philly Worship Group

9 Jun

I’m not too into religion, but I have to say I’ve been a church shopper before.  I am however, a Quaker.  Weird, huh?  A modern girl like myself.

Either way, Quakers in West Philly have been doing something cool and a little be out of the ordinary.  (Quakers in West Philly, who thought that was ordinary!?)  They hold a small worship group on Wednesday at 7:30pm, typically in someone’s living room.  Since it moves place to place each week, its good to check in with their list-serve. (Touch base here for more details: West Philly Google Group.

About 15-30 folks show up each week ranging in age (thought mostly in the 35 and under crowd) and coming from a wide range of spiritual (or non-spiritual) backgrounds.  The worship evening goes something like this:

  • Approximately 15 min of Check-Ins.  (Check-in is a period of time where folks can share their name and a little bit about themselves.)
  • 40 Mins of worship.  (Worship is silent.  Out of the silence anyone may be “moved” to speak and share a message.  If there are lots of messages, it is practice to leave a small amount of space in-between messages.  I typically count to ten.)
  • About 10 min. for After thoughts (anything that didn’t rise to the level of a message.), Joys/Concerns/Prayers, and Announcements.

There is always a bit of socializing afterwards and if anyone has questions about Quakers or the Worship Group, there are always folks available to answer questions.

Not sure what your spiritual inclination is?  Take the Belief-o-Matic quiz to get a better perspective!

West Side Stories

2 Jun

Katie Yow, story documentarian especial, is joining the North (and West) Philadelphian Neighborhood clubs for a week long stay.  Her purpose is to gather and engage local folks in their stories.

She’s traveled across the U.S. and is finally making her way north from the Carolin’s on her East Coast leg.  If you have stories to share or know someone she might need to meet.  Post it here  or forwarded it along on her webpage.

Check out The Stories We Tell Each Other.

Getting Your Hard On.

4 May

Grinding on the dance floor never looked so good.  There is nothing like two (or three or four) limb flapping bodies raining down sweat upon each other.  Its a true and undying scene for exercise.  As one of my more Christ centric professions would say, “dancing is a vertical interpretation of a horizontal action.”  Dirty, raw person on person sex.  (and by dirty, I don’t mean shameful or soil).

I believe in sex.  Kind of like I believe in humankind.  Its an undeniable fact of life.  I mean, it is the life giving FORCE. That and the overwhelming cuteness of aunt So-and-So mushing over a tiny milk-ball poop machine.  There’s always been a debate about who can get what needs satisfied where.  What’s appropriate to learn when, and what is the best bang for our buck (for real, no joke…bang… buck?  get it?)  No doubt, I’ve used Planned Parenthood and so far…I’m not parenting anyone.  I’d call myself lucky, as if luck had anything to do with it.

So lets by pass the debate and the personal politics that come with everyone’s option (whether or not they engage in awesome sex).  And lets get our education faces on.

1st rule of sex: If you can’t laugh at it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Check out what our local West Philly Sex Educators are up to.  They have some pretty wild classes and some bold new moves like never seen before.  Plus, they dance.  Everyone WINS!


For the likes for you

29 Apr

Events are popping up like daisies after a rainy Sunday!

PIC Plant Sale

Parent and Infant Center is having their  plant sale today and tomorrow at 42nd and Spruce (at the church)  I pre-orded my herb garden this year. Success!  Grab your own plants!

Park Pleasant Craft Bazaar

Little old ladies selling their wares to support breast cancer research…power mamas!  Not to mention, these folks live on the block (Chester blocks that is!)  And for folks who don’t already know, this neighborhood loves our grandmas!  Come out and support, grab a hand-knit dish scrubber, hot dog, and listen to some tunes!  For more information about PP’s race for a cure, Catch the Action Here!

Saturday Yard Sales- West Philly 

I don’t know about you but I love used goods.  I practically created my power-suit interview outfits from mix-and-match pieces found all over the U.S.  But here’s your chance to check out your neighbors junk (or treasure).  There are some good looking yard sales on 49th and 47th street.  Check your local phone pole.  One even mentions banana boat lady shoes.  For those of you not blessed with HUGE anchors, size 10+.

Jumbo Jumble Sale!

Trinity Memorial Church will be sharing its Jumbo Jumble Sale.  Their church news letter is here.  Scroll passed a few cute pictures of Jesus and you’ll find the details.

David Kosbob

My dear friend David, a West Philly local, is looking for a neat girlfriend (or girl-friend) to do all of these sweet events with. Also, he has an awesome series of music events he plans to attend in the next few weeks.  Touch base with him via his music blog.  (p.s. the newest album on his site is fantastic!)

Annual Event

18 Feb

Today is my birthday. 

Thank you all for your wishes and exceedingly strange gifts.  I love them, but not at much as I love you.