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Clean-Up for Squirrel Hill Falls Park A Success!

28 Jun

Thanks to all the folks who joined the clean-up effort last weekend.  We had over 25 volunteers!  Check out some of our photos!

Some of our volunteers are involved in other local groups.  Check them out!

Tool Library

Friends Rehabilitation Program Inc.


West Philly Worship Group

Schuylkill River Exiles Rugby Club

Getting Grimey with Squirrel Hill (Falls) Park

15 Jun

Ladies, gents, dogs, and feral street cats!  Now is the time to grab your elbow grease and put on your Rosy the Riveter!  The tiny cloistered park located on 48th and Chester Ave. will be opening its doors for a (late) spring cleaning.

photo by charlie clay

Squirrel Hill (Falls) Park has a long history of disuse.  Though it had many amazing attractions (murals, seating, lighting, sound equipment, and waterfall) most of these things are in great disrepair.  Now, I’m not suggesting making the lot a grande focal point of the city, in the image of its illustrious past, but just to breath a bit of life back into the park.

Friends Rehabilitation Inc.  [website sometimes takes a bit to load] has worked hard on filing the for the right insurance to let folks enter the premises again.  Now the local community has a chance to share in a service effort on June 26th from 1pm-5pm.  Bring gardening gloves and tools.

We are still looking for:

  • -Trash Bags
  • -Garden disposal bags for leaves/organic matter
  • -Able-bodied friends!

Everything helps, so bring yourself or a friend, a good pair of work shoes.  If you just want to drop by because you can’t stay long, bring a kitchen trash bag with you!

Ladies, Haggle You’re Heart Out!

28 Feb

We are all looking for jobs.  Always.  Even my significant man-friend and editor has a pretty decent job, but it doesn’t come with all the perks.  People say, “its the economy.”  I say its the way we perceive and use business.  And yes, I’m pro-union, but I do believe any  worker can have the courtesy to go above and beyond whats defined in a “contract”. (That’s why I return to the same auto shops  Curry Tire and Auto and Black Walnut Body shop.  They provide me the absolute best services, even if it is re-paneling my car door and fixing my lost earring found in the back seat.)

But beyond the struggles of the U.S. economy, and the ongoing debates over labor unions, us little folks and bright-eyed bushy tailed newbies to the work force have to know how to HAGGLE!  If you haven’t tried this, start at a yard sale and see how it goes.  The more professional name is negotiation.  I have a background in Educational Administration and often keep myself up to date on the news.  For the Ladies; The Womanly Art of Negotiation is a great article from the Chronicle.

For other tips about interviews, what to wear, and how to navigate large conventions, like the upcoming NASPA convention in Philly, check out First Time on the Job Market?