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I’m sorry, all my checks say 2011!

2 Feb

I’ve finally hit the end of my epic travel fall.  Snatch up a new house on a new block and headed out to RENO.  Which by the way makes the top 50 places to live, barely.  But so do most of the cities in North Carolina.  Gee wiz.  Philly doesn’t even crack the count.   So check out your future!

I recently checked out ARCgis programming.  An urban mapping device.  So neat and so much information, but not really what I need.  You can have a 60 day trial and tons of tutorials if your interested!

This January we also hired the new Friends Association for Higher Education Coordinator, Kimberly Haas!  Great news!  I also had a chance to use a conference interfacing program called GotoMeeting.  Video chat, call in phone conference and the ability to record it all and share with folks unable to attend the meeting.  Plus you can score some cool screen sharing and bump it up to webinar status if you want.

Can you see the geek in me drool?

I’m also on the job hunt, which has got me salivating over all sorts of options.  From cool places to work, to programs I would keel over to work for.  I’ve been picking up hot and heavy skill sets.  Next stop?  Grant writing!



12 Dec

I grab my hot cup o’ joe when I can.  Stuffed away in an office on the long streets of Philadelphia, I’ve found a neat hidden surprise in the old Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.   Not only a great place to clear your head or take a break among beautiful art, you can grab a good lunch and some coffee in their side cafe.


So take a break, grab a real lunch and enjoy your time with PAFA!

Do a Job Anywhere: FAHE Coordinator (PT)

8 Nov

Take a moment and think.  To be able to do to a job anywhere? That is what Friends Association for Higher Education is offering.  Its part time 17-20 hours of work a week with excellent pay and benefits. See if this fits you!

Friends Association for Higher Education seeks an administrative coordinator. The responsibilities include managing FAHE’s communications, financial records, serving as registrar for its annual conference, and coordinating the work of its committees.   A job description is at available from the address below or located here: Friends Association for Higher Education Coordinator .  The work would be 17-20 hours per week with time use flexible.  Salary is in the range of $18-20 k.  A benefits package is available.  Applications with resume should be sent to gary.farlow@wright.edu.  Inquires may be sent to the same address.

Check out FAHE’s website: http://legacy.earlham.edu/~fahe/

Getting Grimey with Squirrel Hill (Falls) Park

15 Jun

Ladies, gents, dogs, and feral street cats!  Now is the time to grab your elbow grease and put on your Rosy the Riveter!  The tiny cloistered park located on 48th and Chester Ave. will be opening its doors for a (late) spring cleaning.

photo by charlie clay

Squirrel Hill (Falls) Park has a long history of disuse.  Though it had many amazing attractions (murals, seating, lighting, sound equipment, and waterfall) most of these things are in great disrepair.  Now, I’m not suggesting making the lot a grande focal point of the city, in the image of its illustrious past, but just to breath a bit of life back into the park.

Friends Rehabilitation Inc.  [website sometimes takes a bit to load] has worked hard on filing the for the right insurance to let folks enter the premises again.  Now the local community has a chance to share in a service effort on June 26th from 1pm-5pm.  Bring gardening gloves and tools.

We are still looking for:

  • -Trash Bags
  • -Garden disposal bags for leaves/organic matter
  • -Able-bodied friends!

Everything helps, so bring yourself or a friend, a good pair of work shoes.  If you just want to drop by because you can’t stay long, bring a kitchen trash bag with you!

Get Out The Way!

12 Apr

Last summer I realized that driving in Philly was a lot like driving in a 3rd world (developing) country.  Pot hole craters, errant cat/dog/goat/sheep/chicken on the loose, aimless drivers, and the always aggravating stationary utility vehicle resting on the trolley line.  For some folks, politely waiting for traffic is an option.   However, those born to Dive City, traveled anywhere else in the world, or simply don’t have the same level of patience, slamming the horn is pretty effective.  Two pieces of advice:

1-If you are being honked at, yell and wave in a passing motion, “go ’round”.

2- Take public transit

Some may argue #2 as being rather ineffective.  Philly’s SEPTA has its fare share of issues (strike, occasional break-downs, lost token/metro card), but consider this:

  • My $3.10 (cost of 2 tokens for a round trip) goes toward the employment of a fellow Philadelphian (why hello, brotherly love), instead of a car realignment.
  • The cost of parking my car downtown for the day ($8-$25), goes to a cup of hot joe from Old City (Philly owned) for a friend (…hello again brotherly love).
  • And lets face it, Trolleys (or cable cars as they started out in 1883) have been moving loads of people, before you were born.

So get your dumb car off my trolley tracks so I can go home.  And if you don’t like it, GO ‘ROUND!

Received #1

4 Mar

Some places receive invitations to grand gatherings like the Kidney Foundation (currently looking for a part time employee in Philly and its not posted but their internships are!), or hate mail from across the debate table, but here where I work we receive the weird.

On the regular we get letters and announcements on all sorts of things.  Did you know that Clinton was elected world president not long ago?  I guess I forgot to vote.  Today this letter came into work.  Not the weirdest but certainly worth a sneak peak.

Dear sir,

We will launch innovative mosquito trap and pest control products, please visit  www.skonetech.net I hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth in Phase 1: April 15-19, 2011, CANTON FAIR.

Best regards


Thanks Poppie!    I might get a skeeter trap after all.  The Canton Fair is online and in China.  However, you can always hit up the Canton Ohio Fair.  (They definitely have funnel cake).