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Work Hard. Die Young.

15 Mar

I saw this video and thought it was a hilarious remake of Can’t Get My Satisfaction.  But as I watched these grannies grinding, dropping teeth, and jumping their hearts I realized that  these women were a representation of my own grandmother.  She worked until she was 84 and expected the highest quality of work (and behavior) from everybody, including me.

Her Germanic roots and strict (but loving) upbringing shines, especially for her work and her careful development of her many grandchildren.  She never made a lot of money, but as a woman of her time she became powerful in other ways, challenging the fabric of the American convention.  She worked when women did not work.  She divorced when marital separation was social suicide.    And today, she still has a boyfriend and booming social life.

With equal pay and her dedicated work ethic, she would have undoubtedly been able to retire early.  Not that any office or organization would have wanted to let her go.   This one is for Gram Peggy, who has set her grandchildren on a course to take on the challenges that lay before us.

Disclaimer: Grandma would not approve of the video above.


Cheap Tricks #2 Doggie Bags

25 Feb

Living in the city is a little different than the suburbs or in the country.  The neighborhoods are tightly constructed to pack in as many people as possible.  Some with tiny yards and left to our imaginations on how we will effectively fit everything.  In the city, everyone has a companion (or at least most).  Dog, cat, squawking bird.  I fortunately have an Alarm Dog.  Barks a lot when something or someone is around the property.  Unfortunately, she costs me a pretty penny when it comes to health, food, and doggie bags.

Doggie bags?  For those who aren’t formally introduced to poo on the sidewalk, doggie bags are thin, sometimes solid colored bags, invented to pick up dog crap.  They also cost to be pretty, pink, and smell like chemical “flowers”.  In the way of being cheap (or frugal) I collect newspaper bags.  Thin, often clear bags remarkably similar to doggie bags.  My grandmother, Peggy has a whole basement collection.  I usually siphon off of her pile.  It helps her help me.

If you don’t get the newspaper and there are no other folks collecting the tiny bags, consider using your standard grocery bag.  Its not as pretty but just as functional.