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For Milk Munchers and Calorie Packers

8 Mar

Lets be real.  I don’t really count calories.  I dig math, but I don’t want to think about how many chips I stuffed in my face and how many logs I dumped out on the other side.  None of that feels good.

I do know that if I exercise regularly, I’ll feel good and all that crap I ate when I was crazy hormonal will find its way off my human body planet.  In the mean time, I’m a Milk Muncher Calorie Packer.  And Miller’s Twist at the Terminal Market has just the daily special for me! 

Buy one cow tit creamy milk shake for $3.95 (any flavor) and get a free pretzel.  Buy milk, get carbs for free. ($4.27 with tax) This is my childhood dream.  I survived off of ice cream and bread for most of my life, why not keep it going?  I wouldn’t suggest making this a daily lunch meal, but I will share a little later about my adventures in roller skating as a form or unorthodox exercise.

For now, chow down!

Fair Food Double Dollars

31 Jan

I never thought PA’s ACCESS (or SNAP) card would look so good (a.k.a. Food Stamps).  I’ve had my run with food stamps before in North Carolina and what a life saver.  Most students don’t know that they are eligible for food stamps because of how little they make and how little they have in the bank.  (Exceptions are:  If you’re still a dependent on your parents).

But for those of us who are working hard to eat well, great news!  Fair Food Double Dollars is a cash-match program designed to increase access to fresh and healthy foods.  For every $5 you spend at the Fair Food Farmstand they will give you $5 more for groceries , up to $20 a week.

Spend $20, get $20 and use $40 of awesome healthy local food.  Between the best yogurt I’ve ever eaten and local honey that helps my immune system fight pollen, I can always find apples, meat, cheese to use.  Plus Holly (my super cute friend) works there and shes uber helpful.

Fair Food Farmstand is located inside the Reading Terminal Market and 51 North 12th St on the 12th st. side.  They are open year-round and on the daily Mon-Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 9am-5pm.  Give them a call 215-386-5211 or e-mail

More info about the Double Dollars program? or 215-386-5211 ext.108

Eating Well Paycheck to Paycheck

22 Dec

I have a wonderful job with pretty decent pay.  What may not be obvious is the student loan debt that is eating half of my monthly paycheck and leaving me with less to live on than when I went to school.  So, for me, the same rules still apply.  I live for 2nd hand clothing and furniture. (My little sisters ask how I got all this fly shit, and I tell them it’s all one-of-a-kind.)

Last week I was down to my last five bucks and some change before I got my next paycheck.  I had paid my taxes and rent and scored some free dog food from my Grandma (she’s my hero).  I had covered all my bases, but I was way low in the food department.  I hit up Iovine Brothers Produce in the Reading Terminal Market.

If you can bypass the spectators and get down to grub shopping the Iovine Brothers have a special deal.  In the back of their stand there are good sized bags of veggies.  Anything from really ripe tomatoes, potatoes, wax beans, peppers, oranges, grapefruit, kiwis, and sometimes avocado.  The best news?  The bags are a dollar each.  I grabbed a few (total $3) and headed out.

As I was passing out the door, I realized I could whip up a soup with some help of a slow cooker (crock pot!?) or rig up the rice cooker to make a thick potato stew.  And soup needs bread.  I popped back into the Terminal Market and stopped at Metropolitan Bakery (there are a few in the city).  I grab a quarter of their organic country misch, a huge chunk for a whopping $2.30 and made my way home.

After a little chopping, peeling, and stewing I had created a massive hearty meal with some thick bread to boot. I momentarily channel Jesus as I fed 5 people on almost nothing.  The soup lasted 3 more days and provided a solid lunch until the arrival of my next paycheck. (Note: I did have chicken broth already.  Advice: keep some chicken, beef, or vegetable stock available in your house).

Don’t think you can’t eat for a weekend on 5 bucks thirty. You ain’t above it.