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Weak Friends are the Best Friends

14 Jul

My memory isn’t as strong as some, constantly deleting irrelevant information to make way for the new. Its why I can go all Sunshine-on-the-Spotless-Mind on most of my past relationships.  Delete enough photos and evidence, I can forget all the snide remarks, half-truths, or the time one of them barely made it to my 29th brunch and birthday party.  Hangovers, am I right?

In the midst of an old profile pic one of the, mostly-removed-from-my memory, dude has a comment….about a comment.  Indicating that my post was phishing for “likes”.  I don’t know who spends their time patrolling the internet, giving out demerits for gregarious popularity and an over abundance of friends.  Trolls, maybe? But I don’t live under a bridge and I’m not tracking likability.

It brings me back to a conversation I’ve been having about real friendships.  The kind where your friends are able to share difficult information with you.  But its not these deep friends that are going to indiscriminately like, post, and read piles of information.  Your bestie can braid your hair, but isn’t going to build your network.  Its what Adam Grant, author of Give and Take, calls “weak ties”.

I see you being judgey. How do weak friends make you strong? Its your weak ties that are able to keep you afloat in the ever booming and extending network.  Even better, when you’re collaborating with so many others, their interests come back to you, too.  Reasons why I enjoy Urban Geek Drinks, brought to you by my favorite weak tie friend Jon Geeting. A local space where people from across Philadelphia can meet, make a new friend, and bring projects to life.

Why should you care about how many likes you receive on your latest podcast or photo?  Something you’re putting out is connecting IMG_3654with a wide audience, far beyond your family unit, and its packing a punch.

You’re likability is now your network to success.

So, cheers! I’ve made it.

I have over 2000 connections on Facebook. Albeit, I lost a few along the way.  The overwhelming number are weak ties. Here’s to a slamming network of collaborators bursting at the seems.  I cannot wait to celebrate your every success.