Speak Louder Than Words

3 Jun

For years I burned CDs and made mixes for the people I cared about.  Today, some folks still make annual compilations of the year, I’m always a fan of the new Girl Talk. I hear tape decks are back in style. 

The last mix I made was over six years ago for Drew, and long time musician and my then boyfriend.  The mix making was really his wheel house and one of the ways he showed his love for me.  A small, intensly thoughtful gift.

The last year and half have posed some of my most difficult challenges, most obviously my struggle with depression, continued negative patterns in relationships, and understanding the role of positive communities (personally and professionally) in my overall health.

I made this mix for all the folks who played a part in the last few months.  Designed from start to finish in chronological order from January 2015- May 2016.  I know it certainly hasn’t been easy and I honor each of you in your own way. Love shouldn’t be scarce. So, I love you and wanted to make a small, thoughtful gift to share.

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