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These Threads be Free

26 May

For real, most of my clothing and shoe-wear has been free.  (Thanks to the likes Jen Fetzer and few other generous fashion hunters).  However, we can’t all depend on the world to fork over free Italian leather boots and last seasons sundresses, so I’ve set my sights on buying direct from the store.

1. If you have a friend working for a department store or the famed American Apparel or Urban Outfitters, let them know you want to shop, or grab the best deals.

You can always buy full price!  But why?  Creating a fashionable wardrobe can be fun, however for those tight on the penny and need a significant change toward a more work appropriate “biz cas” it can be tough to wait around.

2. Catch the sale seasons by receiving e-mail updates from your favorite shops.  These ads sometimes have online offers only that can drastically reduce the price.

3. Shop online.  Check out a pair of boots or cute top.  You can go to your local department store and even try it on.  It fits!  Great, now buy it for 30%-70% less from an online vendor.

4. (This is my real favorite).  Whip out your AAA Card (or AARP).  I live by my membership card and I in-fact, own both (Thanks, Mom?).  At places like New York and Company, you can get a whopping %15 off your already marked down ladies wear.  (To be honest, New York and Company wicked sales anyway) and at Walgreens get an extra 10% off with your AARP card.

Lets be real, you’ve been caring around that junkie piece of plastic to save you from road disaster. Make it work for you all day, everyday.

Want to know more about AAA Discounts, Check it out RIGHT HERE in our area!


Getting Your Hard On.

4 May

Grinding on the dance floor never looked so good.  There is nothing like two (or three or four) limb flapping bodies raining down sweat upon each other.  Its a true and undying scene for exercise.  As one of my more Christ centric professions would say, “dancing is a vertical interpretation of a horizontal action.”  Dirty, raw person on person sex.  (and by dirty, I don’t mean shameful or soil).

I believe in sex.  Kind of like I believe in humankind.  Its an undeniable fact of life.  I mean, it is the life giving FORCE. That and the overwhelming cuteness of aunt So-and-So mushing over a tiny milk-ball poop machine.  There’s always been a debate about who can get what needs satisfied where.  What’s appropriate to learn when, and what is the best bang for our buck (for real, no joke…bang… buck?  get it?)  No doubt, I’ve used Planned Parenthood and so far…I’m not parenting anyone.  I’d call myself lucky, as if luck had anything to do with it.

So lets by pass the debate and the personal politics that come with everyone’s option (whether or not they engage in awesome sex).  And lets get our education faces on.

1st rule of sex: If you can’t laugh at it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Check out what our local West Philly Sex Educators are up to.  They have some pretty wild classes and some bold new moves like never seen before.  Plus, they dance.  Everyone WINS!