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For the likes for you

29 Apr

Events are popping up like daisies after a rainy Sunday!

PIC Plant Sale

Parent and Infant Center is having their  plant sale today and tomorrow at 42nd and Spruce (at the church)  I pre-orded my herb garden this year. Success!  Grab your own plants!

Park Pleasant Craft Bazaar

Little old ladies selling their wares to support breast cancer research…power mamas!  Not to mention, these folks live on the block (Chester blocks that is!)  And for folks who don’t already know, this neighborhood loves our grandmas!  Come out and support, grab a hand-knit dish scrubber, hot dog, and listen to some tunes!  For more information about PP’s race for a cure, Catch the Action Here!

Saturday Yard Sales- West Philly 

I don’t know about you but I love used goods.  I practically created my power-suit interview outfits from mix-and-match pieces found all over the U.S.  But here’s your chance to check out your neighbors junk (or treasure).  There are some good looking yard sales on 49th and 47th street.  Check your local phone pole.  One even mentions banana boat lady shoes.  For those of you not blessed with HUGE anchors, size 10+.

Jumbo Jumble Sale!

Trinity Memorial Church will be sharing its Jumbo Jumble Sale.  Their church news letter is here.  Scroll passed a few cute pictures of Jesus and you’ll find the details.

David Kosbob

My dear friend David, a West Philly local, is looking for a neat girlfriend (or girl-friend) to do all of these sweet events with. Also, he has an awesome series of music events he plans to attend in the next few weeks.  Touch base with him via his music blog.  (p.s. the newest album on his site is fantastic!)

Get Out The Way!

12 Apr

Last summer I realized that driving in Philly was a lot like driving in a 3rd world (developing) country.  Pot hole craters, errant cat/dog/goat/sheep/chicken on the loose, aimless drivers, and the always aggravating stationary utility vehicle resting on the trolley line.  For some folks, politely waiting for traffic is an option.   However, those born to Dive City, traveled anywhere else in the world, or simply don’t have the same level of patience, slamming the horn is pretty effective.  Two pieces of advice:

1-If you are being honked at, yell and wave in a passing motion, “go ’round”.

2- Take public transit

Some may argue #2 as being rather ineffective.  Philly’s SEPTA has its fare share of issues (strike, occasional break-downs, lost token/metro card), but consider this:

  • My $3.10 (cost of 2 tokens for a round trip) goes toward the employment of a fellow Philadelphian (why hello, brotherly love), instead of a car realignment.
  • The cost of parking my car downtown for the day ($8-$25), goes to a cup of hot joe from Old City (Philly owned) for a friend (…hello again brotherly love).
  • And lets face it, Trolleys (or cable cars as they started out in 1883) have been moving loads of people, before you were born.

So get your dumb car off my trolley tracks so I can go home.  And if you don’t like it, GO ‘ROUND!


7 Apr

I’ve struggled with what and how vulnerability “fits” into my life.  And like most things I try to ignore, it becomes the rhinoceros in the room.  This TED talk is about vulnerability and its absolute necessity as part of our lives.