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Cheap Trix #3 – Take Whats Given

21 Mar

Never buy soap.  I think in the last 6 years I’ve personally purchased 2 bars of soap. I certainly shower frequently (enough).

I do this because I expect people who kind-of know me will probably give me soap and lotion for birthday/celebration/secret santa.  And without fail, I certainly obtain an ungodly amount of soap and lotion and can’t complain a bit.  I bank on this.  So rejoice in your co-workers attempt at gift giving, its one more thing you can save on!

Work Hard. Die Young.

15 Mar

I saw this video and thought it was a hilarious remake of Can’t Get My Satisfaction.  But as I watched these grannies grinding, dropping teeth, and jumping their hearts I realized that  these women were a representation of my own grandmother.  She worked until she was 84 and expected the highest quality of work (and behavior) from everybody, including me.

Her Germanic roots and strict (but loving) upbringing shines, especially for her work and her careful development of her many grandchildren.  She never made a lot of money, but as a woman of her time she became powerful in other ways, challenging the fabric of the American convention.  She worked when women did not work.  She divorced when marital separation was social suicide.    And today, she still has a boyfriend and booming social life.

With equal pay and her dedicated work ethic, she would have undoubtedly been able to retire early.  Not that any office or organization would have wanted to let her go.   This one is for Gram Peggy, who has set her grandchildren on a course to take on the challenges that lay before us.

Disclaimer: Grandma would not approve of the video above.

For Milk Munchers and Calorie Packers

8 Mar

Lets be real.  I don’t really count calories.  I dig math, but I don’t want to think about how many chips I stuffed in my face and how many logs I dumped out on the other side.  None of that feels good.

I do know that if I exercise regularly, I’ll feel good and all that crap I ate when I was crazy hormonal will find its way off my human body planet.  In the mean time, I’m a Milk Muncher Calorie Packer.  And Miller’s Twist at the Terminal Market has just the daily special for me! 

Buy one cow tit creamy milk shake for $3.95 (any flavor) and get a free pretzel.  Buy milk, get carbs for free. ($4.27 with tax) This is my childhood dream.  I survived off of ice cream and bread for most of my life, why not keep it going?  I wouldn’t suggest making this a daily lunch meal, but I will share a little later about my adventures in roller skating as a form or unorthodox exercise.

For now, chow down!

Received #1

4 Mar

Some places receive invitations to grand gatherings like the Kidney Foundation (currently looking for a part time employee in Philly and its not posted but their internships are!), or hate mail from across the debate table, but here where I work we receive the weird.

On the regular we get letters and announcements on all sorts of things.  Did you know that Clinton was elected world president not long ago?  I guess I forgot to vote.  Today this letter came into work.  Not the weirdest but certainly worth a sneak peak.

Dear sir,

We will launch innovative mosquito trap and pest control products, please visit I hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth in Phase 1: April 15-19, 2011, CANTON FAIR.

Best regards


Thanks Poppie!    I might get a skeeter trap after all.  The Canton Fair is online and in China.  However, you can always hit up the Canton Ohio Fair.  (They definitely have funnel cake).