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Ladies, Haggle You’re Heart Out!

28 Feb

We are all looking for jobs.  Always.  Even my significant man-friend and editor has a pretty decent job, but it doesn’t come with all the perks.  People say, “its the economy.”  I say its the way we perceive and use business.  And yes, I’m pro-union, but I do believe any  worker can have the courtesy to go above and beyond whats defined in a “contract”. (That’s why I return to the same auto shops  Curry Tire and Auto and Black Walnut Body shop.  They provide me the absolute best services, even if it is re-paneling my car door and fixing my lost earring found in the back seat.)

But beyond the struggles of the U.S. economy, and the ongoing debates over labor unions, us little folks and bright-eyed bushy tailed newbies to the work force have to know how to HAGGLE!  If you haven’t tried this, start at a yard sale and see how it goes.  The more professional name is negotiation.  I have a background in Educational Administration and often keep myself up to date on the news.  For the Ladies; The Womanly Art of Negotiation is a great article from the Chronicle.

For other tips about interviews, what to wear, and how to navigate large conventions, like the upcoming NASPA convention in Philly, check out First Time on the Job Market?

Cheap Tricks #2 Doggie Bags

25 Feb

Living in the city is a little different than the suburbs or in the country.  The neighborhoods are tightly constructed to pack in as many people as possible.  Some with tiny yards and left to our imaginations on how we will effectively fit everything.  In the city, everyone has a companion (or at least most).  Dog, cat, squawking bird.  I fortunately have an Alarm Dog.  Barks a lot when something or someone is around the property.  Unfortunately, she costs me a pretty penny when it comes to health, food, and doggie bags.

Doggie bags?  For those who aren’t formally introduced to poo on the sidewalk, doggie bags are thin, sometimes solid colored bags, invented to pick up dog crap.  They also cost to be pretty, pink, and smell like chemical “flowers”.  In the way of being cheap (or frugal) I collect newspaper bags.  Thin, often clear bags remarkably similar to doggie bags.  My grandmother, Peggy has a whole basement collection.  I usually siphon off of her pile.  It helps her help me.

If you don’t get the newspaper and there are no other folks collecting the tiny bags, consider using your standard grocery bag.  Its not as pretty but just as functional.

Annual Event

18 Feb

Today is my birthday. 

Thank you all for your wishes and exceedingly strange gifts.  I love them, but not at much as I love you.

Radio for the Real Road Trip

8 Feb

I’ve spent a lot of time having Pandora read my mind, but I had almost forgotten what it’s like to have a real radio jockey share some new tunes.  Often times bringing the songs we all need to hear; some new, some old.

Eloise, a beautiful DJ in Greensboro, NC is laying out some of what I need to hear now.  The dead of winter and I aren’t close friends.  She is streaming live, straight out of the heart of North Carolina to my ears and warming up this chilly day.

Check her and others out for a little taste of home at Guilford Radio: WQFS.

Not to mention Guilford is a pretty awesome college, full of some of my fondest memories.